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Personal Training

Whether you sell 1-2-1 or Semi Private Personal Training programs, in these modules I take you through the step by step process of setting up your PT programs, referrals, up-sells and client retention programs.

You also get access to the exact consultation process I use to sell 3, 6 and 12 month packages at my Fitness studios and client packages.


Group Training & Boot Camps

Boot Camps and Group Training programs are different in their structure to personal training and appeal to a slightly different demographic. 

In these modules I take you through structuring your programs and also how to up-sell on to higher end packages.


Corporate Wellness Programs

The Corporate World needs us! And with more and more people getting sick, stressed and as a result their long-term health is suffering there could not be a better time for you to set up links with your local businesses that generate leads on tap. 

This is the exact system that allowed me to build my studios, with FREE traffic at a rapid rate.


Online Coaching

Using a very simple 7-step process you are going to be taken through how to properly structure your online coaching programs to sell packages that run automatically. 

As well as learning the process of selling more personal, high end programs.


Live Webinars

As a member of Fit Pro University you are also invited to live webinars held by Matt Ibbs (and guests) where we answer any of your questions and also take you through strategies to boost your business and lifestyle.

These webinars will also be recorded and available in the membership site.


Business Coaching

Most personal trainers fail at running a successful personal training business simply because they have not laid the right foundations, nor do they understand the basic principles of running a business.

This is you're starting module and takes you through a complete overview of your business so you can see where you need to develop and what systems need to be put in place to secure your business and its future.


24/7 Online Access

Fit Pro University is a membership site meaning you can have 24/7 access via android, iPhone/IPad, desktop and laptop.

You can even download the content to work through the program at your own pace and ensure you put each system in place.



This is one of my studios in Liverpool. We used to be branded as Liverpool Personal training Studios but we switched to Gym Reb3l due to the franchising of the business.

Any updates, systems or marketing strategies I use that gain significant results I will instantly make available to Fit Pro University to ensure you stay ahead with up to date, real person tested systems to get more personal training clients. From Matt Ibbs


A Proven PT Business System To Follow

Over 80+ Videos and Modules Covering Everything To Set Up and Establish A Profitable Personal Training Business

For most personal trainers when they first get in to the industry they forget they are there to run a business. 

With most personal trainers starting out in commercial gyms the need for clients is high.

This takes them away from laying the foundations to build a long-term business and in to a client only focus.

As a result they have a wide variety of clients they work with.

And for most when it comes to needing to make a change they are so knee deep in clients, the move is hard.

Training any demographic can harm your potential growth.

The first few modules in FitPro University guide you through the necessary steps to plan your business.

It also allows you to lay the 'ground rules' for the demographics you want to work with.

Having a complete understanding of the demographics you want to work with allows you to;

Get a full understanding of their needs and write campaigns to suit

Understand their frustrations and be able to connect through your campaigns

Set a detailed client journey taking them from the moment they see your advert to joining your plan.

You can also plan their journey while using your services and apply support and upgrades where necessary


Learn How to Get More Personal Training Clients on Demand

Social Media has changed the game of marketing and connecting with potential clients.

More and more personal trainers are spending money on these ads and other platforms.

This has meant competition has increased and as a results so has advert spends.

Personal Trainers who understand how to target their clients with specific content will always win.

You are then able to build a funnel (taught within the modules) to build a detailed database of potential clients.

With that said there are still a lot of opportunities to get personal training clients.

Within FitPro University you are taken through both on and offline opportunities.

These are also paid lead generation as well as free.

You will learn how to monitor and track your campaigns.

This will enable you to see where the success is within you're marketing and where you should focus your effort.

And it also allows you to set the correct budget for certain areas of you're marketing campaigns.

You will also learn how to track post engagement on social media. And how to find relevant content based on your niche.

Tracking your post and advert engagement simply allows you to understand what your audience wants to know.

Building relationships is key to your success and your content is the first step in this


Step By Step Video Coaching For Your PT Business

Follow each module and implement the coaching programs you want in to your personal training business.

More Personal Training Clients Means More Hours… Or Does It?

Generating more leads can have its pitfalls if your business is only based around 1-2-1 training with you as the only trainer.

If you haven't got the right systems in place to cope with the leads this is can have a negative impact on your business.

One way to cope with leads is to hire additional trainers to your business.

While this can be a headache for most, the systems we teach in FitPro University allow you to transfer them to your new trainers.

The other option is to have programs that cater for higher numbers.

But still deliver a high level service.

Semi Private Personal Training: At a higher rate per session compared to 1-2-1 personal training, semi private personal training allows you to train between 3-5 people in 1 group.

The problem with many personal trainers is they do not run semi private personal training as it should.

And instead run a class based program.

Within these modules you will learn how to structure and plan your sessions for the individual.

Even though you are training a group of clients together.

This allows you to stand out against other personal trainers and the 1-2-1 coaching they offer.

And it also allows you to charge a higher price for your 1-2-1 coaching.

Group Coaching: Group coaching is between 5-12 people (or more should you wish) where clients are taking through a structured program.

You can still implement some personal principles in terms of the warm up and exercise choices due to injury but the frame work for group coaching is a set plan for a specific number of weeks.

For most personal trainers, this is the low-level entry point and often used as the first tool to feed in new clients.

Online Training: Online training can be used like group coaching in that you can sell plans or packages.

The difference being in the service and support offered.

In the modules, we cover how to set up both options and how to structure your programs.

We cover all the systems you need in place to automate most of your work. This also covers the support and progress coaching plans.

You will also learn how to structure your plans and support for repeat business and referral.

We also cover some of the legalities in running an online personal training business.

This is something that is often over looked by personal trainer


Get Clients Personal Training Through Group Training and Online Training

While your basic marketing principles will be the same. There are some steps you must take when it comes to selling other programs.

In each module, you will learn the steps you need in place to generate clients for each specific plan.

You will learn how to create a community of ‘buyers’ who engage and promote your plans through social media and the steps you must take to take them from a trial/induction to a full paying client


Learn How a Personal Training Approaching New Clients Should Start The Conversation

Working in a commercial gym as a personal trainer is different to a studio.

In FitPro University we have a module's for this and teach you how to get personal training clients in a gym.

We take you through how to approach potential clients for personal training and to engage with members without asking the usual ‘Do You Want a Free Session’.

You will learn how to take inductions in the gym and use these to your advantage when generating new business and how you can quickly build a loyal tribe of followers, becoming the number 1 personal trainer in your gym.


Secure Your PT Business Today and All Eliminate The Guesswork

Now is your chance to stop guessing and starting following a proven system that has built multiple fitness programs across the UK

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FitPro University will show you the exact steps needed to run a successful business.

Everything you learn within FitPro University has been applied to real time events. They are all tried and tested in a personal training business environment.

They are the systems Matt Ibbs has used to build;

2 Personal Training Studios; Offering 1-2-1, Semi Private Coaching and Fitness Classes
Multiple Boot Camp Locations
Online Coaching
Corporate Wellness Packages


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